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Sixth Sense Sammi

Sixth Sense Sammi is a qualified Soul Coach specializing in the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. She has her bachelor's degree in Human Development as well as Anthropology from Long Beach, California State University while furthering her knowledge in Holistic Health from the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. After going through a number of life-changing circumstances, Sammi was able to channel her trauma into a passion for helping heal others through intuitive guidance and coaching. Sixth Sense Sammi now lives in her value of freedom after pursuing the path to enlightenment.

Sixth Sense Sammi is a holistic and multi-faceted array of services that provide clarity and healing for those seeking spiritual elevation and fulfillment, focusing on raising your vibration so you can become a match for what you deserve and desire in life. Sixth Sense Sammi serves to those in the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles regions although, Sixth Sense Sammi is readily available for those seeking online sessions and readings.

Sixth Sense Sammi is motivated and excited to be working with young adults struggling with anxiety and is focused on liberating her clients of the old traditions and paradigms that keep us stuck in unhealthy cycles. Sixth Sense Sammi is devoted to helping those live their most free and blissful life. Sixth Sense Sammi offers tools and readings to become emotionally-free and to start living in authenticity. Through channeling, Sammi uses intuitive guidance to explore unique gifts and potential life paths so her clients can reach full alignment. Sixth Sense Sammi has a deep desire to help others with self mastery so they can truly detox trauma and create the reality they’ve always dreamed of.


Mini Soul Guidance Session


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Sixth Sense Sammi offers Mini Soul Guidance sessions. These sessions are for those seeking a different lense to see through to remove current blocks. Sammi will be your mirror and look into what you are currently struggling with and what blocks need to be removed to move you to the next step in your life. You will be provided with tools on how to move past the current situation you are struggling with while being provided with support and channeling. These are for those seeking quick advice or up to 1-2 questions. 


Raise Your Vibe Session


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Sixth Sense Sammi offers sessions on Raising Your Vibration & Removing Anxiety. This will be done through a combination of channeling your higher guidance system and providing you with tools to help you start living your most emotionally free and joyous life. This will start with a client intake and then go into a channeling session where there will be a discussion after the initial intake. This will be done over email, Messenger, or Zoom. The intention of the session will be set beforehand and be focused on any areas you may be struggling with. You will be supplied with tools on how to release anxiety and to start accessing your most free-ing life to start living in your authenticity. Sixth Sense Sammi will use her intuitive channeling to help explore your unique gifts and how you can start using them. This is for you if you are experiencing daily anxiety for “no reason” or need guidance on moving through the next chapter of your life. This is for you if you are looking on releasing old traumas, traditions, and paradigms. 


Live Wild & Free Session


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Sixth Sense Sammi offers Living Wild & Free sessions using intuitive guidance and soul coaching. This is for women looking to be their most wild, free, and liberated selves while learning how to embody the Divine Feminine. Vulnerability is an essential component in healing, Sixth Sense Sammi will help co-create a plan with you to help you feel and live in your value of liberation. Sammi will combine her gifts of soul coaching and channeling to explore your gifts and potential life path. This will be done over email, Messenger, or Zoom.


Intuitive Soul Guidance Reading


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Sixth Sense Sammi also offers Intuitive Soul Guidance Readings. This is pure channeling with no prior discussion. Sixth Sense Sammi provides as a channel from source to interpret messages from your Spirit Guides. Sixth Sense Sammi will use a combination of her intuitive gifts such as chakra scanning, looking into your past lives, clairvoyance to perceive messages sent from spirit, along with Oracle & Tarot cards. This reading will be done exclusively online and sent over email in PDF format. This is those seeking intuitive guidance about your present and future situations in regards to all areas of your life.  Reminder, this is NOT a *future* reading, just a tool to move you into the right direction of your life path’s purpose. 

Sixth Sense Sammi's Code of Ethics

7 Codes of Ethics in Relation to each of our 7 Chakras

I value and affirm the dignity of each individual regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, race, or religion. I strive to eliminate any discrimination.


I pledge to have the awareness of the intimacy of the coach-client relationship. I will not engage in any form of sexual nature. 

I pledge to work in harmony and not take control of power as that rightfully belongs to the client. 

I will listen with an open and non-judgmental heart. 

I will remain clear and honest with all interactions. I will speak my truth and live in my authenticity. 

I will not misuse my spiritual gifts. I pledge to only use my intuitive and clairvoyant gifts with only the intention to help heal for the highest good. 

I will utilize my connection to the divine as a channel for healing and insight.



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